CrossFit Wired is a purpose built CrossFit training facility on the Gold Coast and is a licensed affiliate of CrossFit Inc.

Workouts (known as WODs) are performed in a group environment, and the session is started with a short 10 minute warm up.  Next, we run through the WOD, explain movement techniques, and then it’s time to organize your equipment and get ready to train!

WODs are typically short (anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes) however they are performed at a high intensity (ie as fast as you can with as minimal rest as possible).  WODs can incorporate a wide variety of movements, such as Olympic lifts (ie deadlifts, clean & jerk, snatch), gymnastics movements (muscle ups, handstand pushups), body weight exercises (pushups, pullups, squats), plyometric exercises (box jumps, broad jumps), kettlebells, medicine balls and even the good old skipping rope!

All WODs are scalable, which means anyone can come and train with us, regardless of age, experience, fitness or strength.  The elderly, prized fighters, elite athletes, mothers and office workers all follow the same program – we just scale load and intensity, we don’t change programs.  The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not by kind.

You’ll also notice that our gym (called a box) doesn’t look like your usual gym.  There are none of the usual gym machines, no mirrors on the walls and definitely no treadmills conveniently placed in front of TVs!